Mental Health

Finding help for if you are in a crisis or a victim or in an abusive relationship, as well as other resources to help you with your mental health.


Here, you will be able to find assistance with Parental Controls & Online Support to support yourself or a child, and Stay Safe Out & About.


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Let's Go >

Information On Us

No matter your age, sex, sexual orientation, race or ability, all are welcome here and we will do our best to find and sign post to solutions for everyone’s needs, with aims set at aiding with Neuro-Diversity, as well as our own campaigns, keep those keen eyes peeled on our facebook page!

We are a local, community group serving the area of Somerset, UK. Our aim is to have one place to find help, via sign posting. You don't always know what help is out there and what each provider, well, provides. We have a keen ambition to expand our knowledge and online database covering a variety of needs.

We do ask that you be patient with us, we are only a small team of volunteers and we are not a charity at this time. All funding is provided from the pocket of one of our co-founders and DO NOT accept donations or have any other source of funding.

If there is anything you would like us to add to our website, please get in touch with us via Facebook Messenger. Just look for the facebook logo on our website and hit message! We will always hear you and we check our messages regularly.

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